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The Common Veterans are Veterans that have been through various United States Military branches and want to share their experiences to help other Veterans transition back to the civilian world! 


The Common Veterans, featuring Col. Dr. Fred Schlorke, Chief Sgt. Major Jeff Schrock (retired Air Force), Tony Buoscio (ex-Navy), and Sgt. Kenneth Holmes (former Army), joined FreedomSystem.org in 2015, aiding veterans’ lives. Jeff manages HR, Kenny as President, collectively aiming to empower fellow veterans.

Tony Buoscio

U.S. Navy Aviation Boatwain's Mate

Meet Tony Buoscio, an Elkhart-based Network Administrator at Wieland Designs. Formerly a PC Technician at Monaco Coach, an Aviation Boatswain's Mate in the US Navy, and a dedicated student across various institutions.

Fred Schlorke

U.S. Army Medical

Colonel Dr. Fred Schlorke, a distinguished leader with over three decades in the US Army, embodies exceptional leadership, strategic thinking, and interpersonal finesse as a respected scholar and family man.

Kenny Holmes

U.S. Army Infantry

Meet Kenny Holmes, a US Army Infantryman blending backgrounds in social work, marketing, and education. Join us as we delve into his diverse experiences and insights on life, service, leadership, and humour..

Jeff Schrock

U.S. Air Force Logistics

Jeff Shrock, a dedicated figure with over 30 years in Goshen law enforcement and 33+ military service years, prioritizes public safety, displays exceptional leadership, and supports veterans' welfare.

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