Memorial Day 2020

Memorial Day 2020

I am sitting outside taking a note on my iPhone, watching my son mow the lawn, supervising, and it’s Memorial Day 2020. I went to a ceremony this morning, by myself, listened to the service, prayed for my fallen comrades, saluted the flag, talked to a few friends,...

Joining the Army: Part One of Three

Gather around people, I have a story for you all. I have a true story where the thoughts of people have been suppressed in order to be better for the common good.  This is a story of me going to basic training in Fort Benning, Georgia. So where to begin. I shall begin...

Ninja Turtles – Sub power

1624 – 1st submarine tested (London) The concept of a submarine has roots deep in antiquity. The first known military use occurred during the siege of Syracuse (about 413 BC), where divers were used to clear obstructions according to the History of the...

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