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At FreedomSystem.org, we take immense pride in our Veteran baseball and softball coaches, who hail from diverse backgrounds in sports and the military. Our coaching roster embodies a unique blend of experiences forged through the crucible of the armed forces and the competitive arenas of sports.

Our coaches, drawn from various military branches, bring the core values of dedication, discipline, and teamwork they’ve honed during their service. These qualities are the backbone of our training programs, instilling athletic prowess and a strong sense of camaraderie and sportsmanship in our players.

In every practice session and on every field, we emphasize the importance of respect, unity, and mutual support. Our coaches exemplify these values, fostering an environment where athletes develop their athletic skills and forge lasting bonds that extend beyond the game.

The Veterans coaching staff believe that the lessons learned on the field transcend the boundaries of sport, shaping individuals into resilient and respectful citizens. Our diverse coaching team, enriched by their multifaceted backgrounds, is dedicated to nurturing exceptional athletes and human beings. Join us in celebrating the spirit of camaraderie and sportsmanship, where victory is measured by the score but by the character of our players.

Caleb Denney

Veterans 13U Head Coach

Baseball in a Nutshell:

Caleb Denney, a seasoned Staff Sergeant (SSG) in the U.S. Army, is not only a military stalwart but also an accomplished baseball coach. With unwavering dedication and leadership honed through his military service, Caleb brings a unique blend of discipline and sportsmanship to the diamond. As a coach, he is renowned for developing young talent, emphasizing teamwork, and instilling a tireless work ethic. Caleb’s commitment extends far beyond the game, shaping athletes into not only skilled players but also responsible, driven individuals. Whether on the battlefield or the baseball field, Caleb Denney’s passion for excellence and mentorship shines brightly, inspiring those around him.

Kenny Holmes

Veterans 13U Practice Coach

Baseball in a Nutshell:

Kenny Holmes, a former player and seasoned baseball coach, is not only the CEO of FreedomSystem.org but also a devoted parent. With a deep-rooted passion for baseball, Kenny’s coaching prowess has shaped countless athletes, instilling not only the fundamentals of the game but also the values of teamwork and perseverance. As the head of FreedomSystem.org, he has transformed it into a hub of athletic excellence and camaraderie. Beyond the baseball field and his CEO role, Kenny’s most cherished role is that of a loving parent, where he imparts his wisdom and values to his children, fostering a legacy of integrity, ambition, and family strength.

Brad Sutterby

Brad Sutterby

Veterans 13U Coach

Baseball in a Nutshell:

Brad Sutterby, a devoted father, Navy Veteran, and baseball coach in the 13U Baseball league, is a mentor and role model who passionately nurtures young talent. His commitment to fostering teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship is evident in his coaching style, which blends encouragement with constructive feedback. As both a father and coach, Brad provides unwavering support, creating an environment where his players can grow, learn, and thrive both in baseball and as individuals. His dual roles exemplify his dedication to shaping the future of these budding baseball stars, earning him trust and respect within the 13U Baseball community.



Veterans Men’s Softball Coach

Softball in a Nutshell:

Anthony Buoscio is the embodiment of an all-around awesome individual. As a Navy Veteran, he brings a profound sense of duty and discipline to every facet of his life. Anthony’s dedication as a loving father exemplifies his nurturing spirit, imparting invaluable life lessons to his children. His past role as a little league baseball coach showcased his commitment to community and youth development, instilling teamwork and sportsmanship in the next generation. As the IT Director for FreedomSystem.org, he leverages his technical expertise to enhance its mission. Anthony Buoscio is a shining example of a well-rounded, compassionate, and accomplished man.

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