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A Journey of Service: From Battlefield to Brotherhood

In the annals of, LLC lies a tale of two veterans whose bond forged in Iraq birthed an endeavor transcending mere discourse. Founded amidst humble beginnings within the confines of a 2007 apartment, this venture emerged as a beacon against the backdrop of media homogeneity. Kenny Holmes, now President, and his comrade Timmie Mangrum envisioned a platform unearthing perspectives marginalized by mainstream narratives, while also redefining the portrayal of combat.

Yet, the genesis of this endeavor matured with the passing of time, evolving into a federally recognized nonprofit entity in the wake of personal tragedy. The loss of Kenny’s close friend to suicide in 2015 catalyzed a profound shift. No longer satisfied with mere opinion pieces, Kenny pivoted towards a mission of tangible impact, extending a lifeline to his fellow veterans navigating the labyrinth of civilian life.

What we do (Veterans helping Veterans):

In the ensuing years, blossomed into a bastion of support, pioneering initiatives aimed at empowerment rather than charity. With unwavering dedication, Kenny and his team bridged the chasm between military service and civilian integration, fostering a community where veterans found solace in camaraderie and resilience in shared experiences.

At the heart of their endeavor lies a commitment to holistic empowerment. Through bespoke martial arts classes and a vibrant mountain biking association, veterans are equipped with tools to navigate life’s challenges with grace and fortitude. Furthermore, partnerships with civilian employers serve as conduits for mutual understanding, ensuring veterans leverage their military acumen in the civilian realm.

With meticulous care, nurtures a culture of self-reliance, offering guidance on resume crafting, interview etiquette, and instilling the confidence necessary to navigate the professional sphere.

In the digital realm, their presence is felt across various social platforms, albeit with a candid acknowledgment of room for improvement. Through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, the journey of unfolds, inviting all to join in their mission of service and solidarity.


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