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FSO: Mountain Biking Association

A nice leisurely ride through the woods, or maybe a rough and tough fast ride through the hills and “mountains” of Indiana and Michigan! This Mountain Biking Association resides in the community of Veterans getting together for a ride. Often after rides we will have a cookout at the park that we are in: hot dogs, burgers, soda/water/sport’s drinks! We look forward to the ride and the get together afterwards! Any Veteran or Veteran Family/Friend is welcome to attend! Send us a shout out on our contact form to let us know that you are coming!

FSO: Combatives

Combatives will teach a multi-discipline martial arts class featuring advancement in ranks through Hapkido. This is a free program to Veterans with no out-of-pocket fees to Veterans that participate in these classes. This program is set up to help Veterans that struggle with PTSD, TBI, or one of many other disabilities that are related to military service. The intended military population must be able to show proof of military service such as: DD214, Veterans Administration ID, or a Military ID. Spouses, friends and loved ones may participate for a small fee.

Veterans Baseball|Softball

Veterans Baseball | Softball is a dynamic sports program where athletes come together to hone their baseball and softball skills, build character, and foster a sense of teamwork. Rooted in integrity and sportsmanship, we offer a team for players of all skill levels. Our experienced coaches provide expert guidance to our players, and they forge lasting friendships. Our softball team is all Veteran and Veteran families! Join FSO Baseball and/or Softball and discover the thrill of the game and the power of unity on and off the field.

Resume Classes

Our Veterans need jobs; the best way to gain employment is beating the streets and handing out resumes. Many people know about resumes but do not know the reasons for resumes or how to do it appropriately. Let’s face it the United States Military does not exactly do the best in equipping our Veterans on how to be the most self-sufficient when they get out of the service; nor do they know how to translate their military experiences to a civilian job. We will teach our Veterans how to create a resume that will be moved to the top of the stack of any job they apply to.

Veteran Reintegrate

Do you work in a service-oriented role and interact with Veterans regularly? Our expertise lies in simplifying the communication between civilians and Veterans, eliminating any barriers that may hinder the seamless integration of Veterans into your organization, whether as employees or potential clients/customers. We specialize in preparing Veterans for a successful transition, ensuring they become valuable assets to your team and a valuable demographic for your business

Veteran Photography Project

Are you a Veteran that needs photos done of your family? We have photographers that will donate their time for helping you make those memories lasting memories. We provide our photo-shoots to you at no cost, but unfortunately if you want prints you will have to purchase the prints from us or receive a digital copy with a photographers release!We want Veterans to always be able to have photos to remember why they fought for what they fought for! These photos should be used as a reminder of why they have a reason to live!

The Common Veterans

The members of The Common Veterans include Colonel Doctor Fred Schlorke, Chief Sergeant Major Jeff Schrock (retired from the Air Force), and Sergeant Kenneth Holmes (retired from the Army). They have been part of FreedomSystem.org since 2015, dedicating themselves to assisting Veterans in enhancing their lives. Jeff holds the positions of Secretary and Human Resources within FSO, while Kenny serves as the President, although he has been advised to take it easy. As a unit, they form The Common Veterans, a group committed to making a difference for Veterans.

Cardio Drumming

COMING SOON! Exciting news awaits all the women looking to embrace fitness and freedom! FreedomSystem.org is thrilled to introduce Cardio Drumming classes for women. Our high-energy, rhythmic workouts are designed for women of all fitness levels. Let the beat of the drum ignite your passion for fitness as our expert instructors lead you through calorie-burning routines that boost your mood and vitality. Stay tuned for more details on this empowering journey to health and happiness with FreedomSystem.org’s Cardio Drumming classes, where every rhythm sets you free!

Hometown Heroes

COMING SOON: In conjunction with 95.3 MNC please join us in honoring the true hometown heroes of our nation – our military veterans. These brave individuals have dedicated their lives to preserving our freedoms and upholding our cherished values. We pay tribute to their unwavering commitment, sacrifice, and courage, acknowledging their profound impact on our communities and the world. Through stories, events, and heartfelt gratitude, we unite to recognize our military veterans for their exceptional service and their vital role in preserving our nation’s history.


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