FSO: Combatives

Diverse and Positive

Our Combatives program offers diverse martial arts disciplines that emphasize rank advancement through skill and knowledge development. This program empowers individuals to harness the unity between their mind and body, ultimately gaining control over PTSD-related anxiety and forging new bonds.

The best part? This program is open to all veterans, regardless of their service background—whether you served in combat, during peacetime, or in non-combat roles. We invite you to rediscover the self-confidence instilled by your military experience and take charge of your mental and physical well-being. Explore the profound connection between your mind and body, knowledge that sets you apart and fills you with pride, motivating you to pursue positive changes.

Taught and Learned

Our classes are led by combat veterans who understand the importance of camaraderie. Relive the unique sense of belonging among like-minded individuals and rekindle the playful rivalry between military branches.

Combat veterans often struggle with unwelcome memories that are hard to shake. Martial arts can give you the tools to regain control over your thoughts; even though it may not be an easy journey—it is achievable.


While this program is free for all veterans, there is a nominal fee for family members or friends who wish to participate. For just $40 a month, this fee covers up to four family members, and adult friends are also welcome to join for the same cost.

Join us in reclaiming control over your mind and body, fostering camaraderie, and relishing the pride of mastering martial arts.

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