Episode 12: Take This Job and Shove It

Common Veterans Podcast SEASON 1 ADDENDUM Episode 12: TAKE THIS JOB AND SHOVE IT From getting out of the military to new jobs as civilians, the transition inevitably feels like […]
January 29, 2024

Common Veterans Podcast
From getting out of the military to new jobs as civilians, the transition inevitably feels like it was forced! The Common Veterans take a stab at why everything seems so difficult to do in a civilian job.

I. Introduction
a. Welcome to the addendum to Season 2
i. Why we do what we do
ii. Brief introduction to being a military member and the sense of humor and mindset that goes along with it
a. Leaving the military and returning to civilian life perspectives
i. Initiative
ii. Humor
b. You don’t know what you don’t know…
i. Specialized jobs such as combat arms have a different view on civilian employers
ii. Logistics and public figures
iii. Life in the background
c. Can you trust your civilian counterparts like you trust your military siblings?
i. Cops and firefighters
ii. Doctors and social workers
iii. General civilian contracting
III. Entrepreneurial Spirit
a. Veterans start their own companies…
i. Bro shirts
1. GruntStyle CEO gets the boot
2. Other Veteran owned companies
ii. Creative Companies
1. Craft companies
a. Leather
b. Graphic Design
c. C&C and Printing
2. Podcasting and Public speaking
iii. OnlyFans and other sex work
1. Veteran’s do this?
iv. Chapter 30 Benefits – Section 4
IV. Retirement and Disability and other Benefits
a. You earned it, get it
i. Many Veterans don’t utilize their earned benefits because the process is hard.
1. Need to be your own self-advocate.
b. College Benefits are more than just college
i. Get a degree with the GI Bill
ii. Chapter 30 VA Benefits through the VA
1. Helps entrepreneurs establish or get trained in a specific realm.
a. Spouses can utilize it as well.
b. Children, in the state of Indiana, can go to school for free if you have at least a 0% rating
c. Retirement is not Retiring (for most)
i. Retiring from the military a lot of times is not the end for military members.
1. No Golf
2. Work still
a. Bored
b. Not enough to live on
a. What does it take to quit the military and why people get out if everything is so good.
i. Review the redeployment process.
1. Not just for getting out of the military, but out of the country
b. Becoming self-made
i. Camaraderie helps and being relational
ii. Having initiative to do what needs to be done
c. Working for the “man”.
VI. Wrap up
a. Conclusion of being a Veteran
b. End Season 2 Toast
c. Common Veterans

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