Kenny Holmes to Speak at Veteran’s Day Event

Kenny Holmes, President of, Speaking on Veteran’s Day Kenny Holmes will speak at a Veteran’s Day event at West Side Middle School at 8:30 on November 10th, 2023. He […]
November 1, 2023

Kenny Holmes, President of, Speaking on Veteran’s Day

Kenny Holmes will speak at a Veteran’s Day event at West Side Middle School at 8:30 on November 10th, 2023. He will be speaking about what it means to be a Veteran while telling a couple of stories of his service and motivating the crowd to work on always being positive and that there is always a way through the hard times! Kenny co-founded and subsequently has been the organization’s president since 2015.

A Combat Veteran

Kenny Holmes and Timmir Mangrum walking through Fort

Kenneth L. Holmes is a combat veteran from Iraq. His combat tour service is 2007-2008. Kenny was in the military for 12 years and is very humbled to have been asked to speak at this event for Veteran’s Day. Being a combat Veteran means a lot to Kenny to make sure that all Veterans before him and those to come are remembered. For a comprehensive history of this, look at this history.

Veteran’s Day Looking to the Future

As we sit back and look to the future of Veterans, they are still the smallest fraction of people in the United States. The more conflicts that we have… The more combat Veterans that we have, and right now, we have a lot of Veterans getting out of service from our last wars that lasted 20 years. Iraq and Afghanistan are on a lot of people’s radars still. The more Veterans we have, the more opportunities that need to be given back to those who served.

All Welcome

All are welcome to listen to the speech at West Side Middle School. Make sure you say hello to Kenny after the speech! Furthermore, Kenny will head to the Elkhart Community Schools event afterward!

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