Remember Event | May 18th, 2024

Join us for "Remember" at! Fundraising for Veterans, featuring Captain Chad Fleming, live music, and more. Get tickets from our board members or online. Don't miss out! #RememberEvent #RememberEvent, #SupportOurVeterans, #CommunityUnity, #CaptainChadFleming, #LiveMusic, #Fundraising, #VeteransSupport, #CommunityEvent, #GetTicketsNow
April 1, 2024

What is the Remember Event?

The Remember Event Browser

Every year has one fundraiser called “Remember!” This fundraiser is how we fund our programs like our Mountain Bike program and career building programs as well as starting new programs every year in which we help United States Military Veterans. Furthermore, every year we try to make sure we create programs that promote camaraderie and Veterans getting together to create opportunities for Veterans to interact with people that understand one another. The “Remember” event creates another opportunity for the public to have awareness of military Veteran issues; moreover, bringing civilians and military together.

The Remember Event creates an excellent time for the community to share their expierences with Veterans, creating a way to show their support. Oftentimes, the military Veterans does not feel the gratitude of the public because they do not see it. This creates an expierence for our Veterant to see that gratitude.

Who is coming to the Remember Event?

This year is quite exciting, “Remember” is hosting Captain Chad Fleming. CPT Fleming is the first soldier to become an amputee and go back into combat. CPT Fleming’s story is quite unique and we are very excited about having him here with us for supper and to hear his story! This year we also have the added bonus of having Casey Hendrickson and Lauren Zeugner as our Master of Ceremonies. Furthermore, FSO’s President Kenny Holmes will give a quick rundown of the evening!

We will also have live music from Sam Brown and then after dinner music with Doobieus for dancing! Not to mention all the other great things happening!

Where and How to get Tickets for Remember…

This is a fun answer! Getting tickets has been made very easy and fun! you can get tickets from any one of our board members (look at our Mission page for who they are). The other places that you can get tickets are at Ivy and Oak, George’s Gyros, Golden Bear Bikes, VFW Post 985, and/or Printers Plus.

Of course there is another option to get tickets and that is here on our website!

See you at Remember

You do not want to miss this event! This is our pinacle event every year and we are going to be honoring Veterans in a new way! This year we are announcing our Hometown Heroes and look forward to you seeing how these individuals help locally!

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What to Expect at Remember

What to Expect at Remember

Join us in honoring our Veterans’ legacy at Remember 2024! 🎉 From humble beginnings to impactful initiatives, discover how has evolved. Learn about our mission, memorable moments, and the keynote speaker, Captain Chad Fleming (Retired). Don’t miss out on a night of camaraderie, entertainment, and giving back. Read our article for an exclusive glimpse into our journey! #Remember2024 #SupportOurVeterans

What is Remember?

What is Remember?’s ‘Remember’ event honors veterans’ legacies, focusing on camaraderie to prevent isolation and promote mental health. Join us in honoring past, present, and future veterans’ contributions. Get your tickets now!


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