Rich and Poorest Presidents and thier Jobs Before Election

“Scrubbing floors and emptying bedpans has as much dignity as the Presidency.” – Richard Nixon 10 Poorest #1 James Buchanan – worked with his dad as a merchant, then as […]
April 12, 2016

“Scrubbing floors and emptying bedpans has as much dignity as the Presidency.” – Richard Nixon

10 Poorest

#1 James Buchanan – worked with his dad as a merchant, then as a lawyer for 9 years, before enlisting as a private in Henry Shippen’s Company during the war of 1812 then served as a member of Congress .. the only President that never married and was never an officer. Net worth? less than $150,000

#2 Abraham Lincoln – worked as a merchant on floatboats, then later as a partner in a general store. LIncoln hated manual labor so much he then ran for Illinois General Assembly and lost, then worked as a post master and later self employed surveyor and self taught lawyer before finally serving in the Illinois House of Representatives. Net worth? less than $300,000

#3 Andrew Johnson – Worked as an apprentice tailor before marrying a shoemaker and opening up a suit and shoe shop with her. Ran for Tennesse HOuse and won then joined the Tennessee Militia and soon became a Colonel. Served as a Congressman for 9 yrs befor running for President. Net worth? less than $475,000

#4 Ulysses S. Grant – worked a sa tanner with his father before deciding he hated it and starting working his father’s horses, before gettin nominated to West Point. GRaduating West Point he was assigned to Jeffersons Barrack as a Quartermaster where he studied to be a teacher, which never came about for him due to wars. He went back to farming and sold firewood. For a shoirt stint he worked as a bill collector. Then went to work selling fine tanneries and leather goods. THen the civil war broke out and you know the rest of the story. Net worth? Less than $490,000

#5 James Garfield – Worked as a canal boat mulle handler, then off to college at Geauga Academy. There he worked as a carpenter’s assistant and as a teacher. He married then worked as a lawyer before finally getting a nomination to the Ohio senate and recieved a commission as Colonel in the Ohio Army. Net worth? Less than $500,000

#6 Chester A. Arthur – worked as a teacher while studying law and soon became a lawyer. Then became the Judge Advocate General for the Second Brigade of the New York Militia.During the Civil War Arthur was commissioned as a brigadier general and assigned to the state militia’s quartermaster department. After the war he returned to politics and lawyering. Net worth? Less than $700,000

#7 Woodrow Wilson – First worked as a minister at his church then went to college where he was a debater. THen he studied political philosophy and history, was active in the Whig literary and debating society, and wrote for the Nassau Literary Review. He later became a political science author. Wilson also studied public administration and soon became the President of Princeton University. After his tenure there he became the GOvernor of New Jersey, berfore becoming POTUS. Net Worth? Less than $750,000

#8 Calvin Coolidge – He worked a prosperous farmer, storekeeper and public servant. He held various local offices, including justice of the peace and tax collector and served in the Vermont House of Representatives as well as the Vermont Senate. Later went to Boston for the 1907 session of the Massachusetts General Court. in 1911 he lost his seat and becameState Senator for the Hampshire County, Masschussetts. Eventually serrving as the Lieutenant Governor and Governor of Massachusetts, then POTUS. Net Worth? Less than $800,000

#9 Harry S. Truman – Worked with his father as a farmer and livestock dealer until he was 15 then worked as a page at the 1900 Democratic National Convention at Convention Hall in Kansas City. Truman worked as a timekeeper on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway, then worked at a series of clerical jobs, and was employed briefly in the mailroom of the Kansas City Star. Never earing a college degree,a nd being refused appointment to West point he entered the military in 1905 in the Missouri Army National Guard until 1911 where he was discharged for poor eyesight. Truman rejoined the Guard and the men elected him as an officer, making him first lieutenant of a battery and he ran a canteen for the battery. Truman was promoted to captain in July 1918. After the war he became a Jackson County judge. In 1926, Truman was elected as the presiding judge for the county. IN 1934 became a Senator for Missouri. Eventually VP and then POTUS. Net Worth? $900,000

#10 William Mckinley – Worked a s airon worker in his fathers foundries, then as as a postal clerk and later taking a job teaching at a school near Poland, Ohio. Never getting a college degree, he enlisted in the 23rd Ohio Infantry during the Civil War.After Antietam he was commissioned as second lieutenant. Just before the war’s end, McKinley received his final promotion, a brevet commission as major then mustered out. After the war he became a lawyer. He invested into real esstate for rental income while he was the prosecuting attorney of Stark County. Finally he was able to get elected to a seat for the Ohio’s 17th congressional district. Defeated he ran for the Governor of Ohio and won, then POTUS. Net worth? $1M

10 richest

#10 John F. Kennedy – Being raised in high middle class family Kennedy didnt work as a youth and spent much of his development years in private schools and the hosptial. He first working on a cattle ranch after attending LSE where he studied economics. Then off to HArvard where he studied INternational Affairs and developed an interest in political philosophy. He became an accomplished writer then tried to join the Army’s Officer Candidate School where he was medically denied. in 1941 he joined the Naval Reserve and worked int he INtelligence field.
He was commissioned an ensign on October 26, 1941,and joined the staff of the Office of Naval Intelligence in Washington, D.C. for his PT-109 command he won the Navy and Marine Corps Medal for heroism. He ran for the US HOuse of Represenatives and then the Semate before becoming POTUS. Net Worth? $50M

#9 Bill Clinton – Beginning as a muscisian in High School, he became interested in law. He recieved scholarships to attend Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., receiving a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service (B.S.) degree in 1968. In 1964 and 1965 he won elections for class president. THen from 1964 to 1967 he was an intern and then a clerk in the office of Arkansas Senator J. William Fulbright. After getting a Law degrees from Yale, he decided totake a job working for George McGovern’s campaign. He then worked as the Arkansas Attorney General then elected Governor of Arkansas 2 yrs later in 1978 until he became POTUS. Net Worth? $55M

#8 Franklin Delano Roosevelt – Roosevelt was born to wealthy parents, and never had to work. He deciated his youth into litaerature and learnign laguages. He learned to ride, shoot, row, and play polo and lawn tennis. Roosevelt also took up golf in his teen years, becoming a skilled long hitter and sail. He started his adult life poorly, marrying and several affairs. Fortunately, he received a loan from his own mother to get his feet back on the ground. Roosevelt took the money and went into public service where, with no expreince he ran for the Senate and won, then he served his appointment as Assistant Secretary of the Navy. Loosing his bid for VP, he ran for Governor of NY and served for 3 yrs before he ran for POTUS. Net Worth? $60M

#7 Herbert Hoover – Hoover was adopted by his wealthy uncle who worked as a doctor. Though he did not attend high school, Hoover attended night school and learned bookkeeping, typing and mathematics. Despite his uncle’s wealth, Hoover did not inherit millions from the doctor he instead worked as a mining engineer and after his graduation from STandford which he earned his way through working various jobs on and off campus, including at the Arkansas and United States Geological Survey. Interestingly enough. Hoover actually made all of his money in the time between when he was working as an executive for a gold mining organization where he served as a geologist and mining engineer while searching the Western Australian goldfields for investments. Hoover then worked as chief engineer for the Chinese Bureau of Mines and eventually made partner withBewick, Moreing & Co. In August–September 1905, he founded the Zinc Corporation. In 1908, Hoover became an independent mining consultant, traveling worldwide until the outbreak of World War I. Wealthy enough he decided to focus on humaitarian work until Wilson appointed Hoover to head the U.S. Food Administration. Wilson then appinted him to Secretary of COmmerce where he raimend unti his election of POTUS. Net worth? $75M

#6 Lyndon Baines Johnson – He graduated High School at 15 and then worked picking grapes in California. He then attended Texas State University, where he worked as a teacher to teach Mexican-American children, participated in debate and campus politics, and edited the school newspaper. After college he taught in Pearsall High School in Pearsall, Texas, and afterward took a position as teacher of public speaking at Sam Houston High School in Houston. IN 1930 he worked on political campaigns and eventually became the legislative secretary for Congressman Richard M. Kleberg. He then attended Georgetown Law and was appointed head of the Texas National Youth Administration, which enabled him to use the government to create education and job opportunities for young people. He resigned two years later to run for Congress.Johnson was appointed a Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. Naval Reserve on June 21, 1940. While serving as a U.S. congressman, he was called to active duty three days after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941. He reported to General Douglas MacArthur in Australia and eventually was presented the Silver Star of gallantry in action. THen he returned to poltics and became Senator. Elected VP then POTUS. Net worth? $98M

#5 James MAdison – Madison was a plantation owner during the slave period of American history and had thousands of acres of land to his name. Owning land should have been enough to establish his wealth. Madison served as the Secretary of State and then went on to be elected President. Net Worth? $101M

#4 – Andrew JAckson – Andrew Jackson is another early president who also doubled as a slave owner and served the country from 1829 to 1837. Jackson joined the military at a very young age, which is where he made a lot of his personal fortune as he continued to move up the ranks of the new nation’s defense service. During his youth, Jackson married Rachel Jackson (the second one, not the first), who was also very wealthy. Jackson’s plantation was over 1,000 acres in size and he also owned a few hundred slaves. Net Worth? $119M

#3 Theodore Roosevelt – Roosevelt came from a very wealthy family that easily established a sizeable future net worth for him. However, Roosevelt was not able to receive the majority of that money, as he lost almost all of it when he ventured into the sparse North and South Dakota areas to become a rancher. When his attempt at ranching failed, Roosevelt started working as a writer to earn some of the money back. Shortly after, Roosevelt became a member of office and spent his time serving in such roles for just about the rest of his life. A lot of his net worth from the latter parts of his life came from his valuable real estate that sat on over 200 acres in Long Island, which is one of the most expensive areas of the country. Net Worth? $125M

#2 Thomas Jefferson – Jefferson’s father left him a great deal of fortune, but not in the most honorable way. Jefferson was given more than 3,000 acres and about 40 slaves when his father passed away. By the time Jefferson was elected as President, he was in charge of a plantation that was more than twice that size and featured one of the most notable buildings in the country. Jefferson being one of the founding fathers of America and made a massive salary while in public office. Net Worth? $212M

#1 Richest President of all time? GEORGE WASHINGTON.
Washington would receive his surveyor’s license from the College of William & Mary. Washington was appointed official surveyor for Culpeper County, a well-paid position which enabled him to purchase land in the Shenandoah Valley, the first of his many land acquisitions in western Virginia, in the Ohio COmpany. Washingotn was forcefully a participant in the French – Indian war via the Ohio COmpany, he kept a diary which became printed and Washington gain notoriety and assinged rank with a 100 man militia. Lt. Governor Dinwiddie rewarded Washington in 1755 with a commission as “Colonel of the Virginia Regiment and Commander in Chief of all forces now raised in the defense of His Majesty’s Colony” and gave him the task of defending Virginia’s frontier. Washington subsequently receiving title to 23,200 acres after the war. He also frequently bought additional land in his own name. By 1775 Washington had doubled the size of Mount Vernon to 6,500 acres, and had increased its slave population to over 100. He held local office and was elected to the Virginia provincial legislature, representing Frederick County in the House of Burgesses for seven years. In 1766 he started switching Mount Vernon’s primary cash crop away from tobacco to wheat, a crop that could be processed and then sold in various forms in the colonies, and further diversified operations to include flour milling, fishing, horse breeding, spinning, weaving and (in the 1790s) whiskey production. During the American Revolution and nominated by John Adams of Massachusetts, Washington was then appointed as a full General and Commander-in-chief. Afterwards POTUS. Net Worth? $525 Million

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