West Side Middle School’s Veteran’s Day Event

What an Event! Veterans Score on Veteran’s Day The West Side Middle School Event for Veteran’s Day was truly awesome! It served as a remarkable tribute to the Veterans in […]
November 14, 2023

What an Event! Veterans Score on Veteran’s Day

The West Side Middle School Event for Veteran’s Day was truly awesome! It served as a remarkable tribute to the Veterans in the Elkhart area. The band was awesome, the tribute was great, and the speakers were great, too, if we can say ourselves! The organizers clearly outlined the itinerary for the guests who came to watch and focus on it. The bands and choirs were phenomenal! The event showed that there is love for Veterans in our public schools. The Veterans enjoyed themselves during the event; they felt the love and the thank yous being supplied.

Public “Thank you” from Veteran’s Day Keynote Speaker: Kenny Holmes

Kenny really enjoyed himself and wants to publicly announce that he is very happy with how the event went.

Dear Students, Staff, and Teachers of West Side Middle School,

Often, we Veterans find ourselves in the middle of conflict within our heads and do not really know how to react to being thanked. The event that you put on for Veterans on Veteran’s Day was nothing short of remarkable! It was well put together, and we (the Veterans) found it profoundly humbling the amount of gratitude that you have for us. Our sacrifice as Veterans is nothing if it is not for you all.

As the keynote speaker, I was certainly proud of you students for being engaged and allowing me to speak to you about what it means to be a Veteran. I look forward to the future events that you have! Thank you for giving me the chance to share some of my story and remember never to give up and surrender for the things that you believe in!

Thank you again for having me, and I look forward to seeing what you all do in the future.

Teachers always continue teaching the good fight of being a good citizen. Kids can be… well… kids, and they all can be hard to handle at times. However, the most difficult ones often end up being the story’s hero, which can be because of you!

Again, thank you for having me! The ability to share my story with the younger generation is something I look forward to.

Kenneth L. Holmes, SGT U.S. Army
President, FreedomSystem.org

Watch the Event

Sarah videoed the event, it was such a good event with all of what the kids did, and the students and staff combined made it great! You can watch it here on the site, and if you want to share it with other groups, it was amazing!

Learn More

If you would like to learn more about being a Veteran or would like to have one of our board members speak at your event, let us know! Furthermore, we have a lifetime of information from our Veteran board members, not only Kenny, but Jeff, Fred, Tony, and Adam. Go ahead and hit the Contact button up top or here!

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