A Week and a Half Out

It's time to get your tickets! We are all looking forward to seeing you there.
May 26, 2021

Dinner is a Week and a Half Out

A Week and a Half Out – FreedomSystem.org is having its annual benefit dinner! This event is going to be so much fun. Drinks, dinner, entertainment, stories, raffles, and dancing! I can hardly wait! The atmosphere should be abuzz and life will be coming about and having tons of fun while we do it. The five o’clock happy hour will include a free drink from FreedomSystem.org! We are excited about this! There will merchandise, shirts, glassware, and more. We are excited to be able to have everyone come!

When Timmie Mangrum and I started FreedomSystem.org, we never thought that it would be what it is today. Unfortunately; due to health issues Timmie is no longer a board member, but he is a huge supporter! Maybe we will see him there! The guest’s list is filling up. The more the merrier right?! A week and a half out – FreedomSystem.org is going to PARTY!!!! We are going to jam out to High Gravity, listen to the very charismatic Chaplain Jim Bontrager, and be directed by the charming and funny Scott McMeekan. All of these people that will be there that night will be wanting another FreedomSystem.org Benefit Dinner.

The Where, What, Who, and When

Remember is on June 5th, 2021 starting at 1700 hours (5 pm). Dinner will consist of steak and chicken and seasonal veggies, a dinner salad, and finally a dessert. There will be a full bar staffed by the wonderful Anna, make sure to say hi to her a few times! Moving on from drinks and dinner we start the entertainment and listening portions, but it should be very entertaining and informing. Then there is dancing and raffles, and a few silent auction items! Exciting things are happening, moving and shaking making this event the best it can be!

Well, until next time, we’ll see you all again! Drop me a line in the comments and tell me how excited that you are to join! Slàinte!

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What to Expect at Remember

What to Expect at Remember

Join us in honoring our Veterans’ legacy at Remember 2024! 🎉 From humble beginnings to impactful initiatives, discover how FreedomSystem.org has evolved. Learn about our mission, memorable moments, and the keynote speaker, Captain Chad Fleming (Retired). Don’t miss out on a night of camaraderie, entertainment, and giving back. Read our article for an exclusive glimpse into our journey! #Remember2024 #SupportOurVeterans

What is Remember?

What is Remember?

FreedomSystem.org’s ‘Remember’ event honors veterans’ legacies, focusing on camaraderie to prevent isolation and promote mental health. Join us in honoring past, present, and future veterans’ contributions. Get your tickets now!



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    First I have heard of your group, What is its objectives,who my join, dues etc

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