Minutes: 21 August 2021

Thursday, August 21st 2021 The business meeting was held at the Goshen VFW Post – 985, 1201 W. Pike St, Goshen Ind. The meeting started at 3 PM and the […]
August 21, 2021

Thursday, August 21st 2021

The business meeting was held at the Goshen VFW Post – 985, 1201 W. Pike St, Goshen Ind. The meeting started at 3 PM and the meeting was opened in due form by E. Director S Holmes.

E. Director S Holmes gave the opening prayer.

E. Director S Holmes declared the business session open. E. Dir Holmes explained that the President had surgery a few days ago, and could not make it today. A brief moment of silence was also held for his grandmother, who had been an interracial part of FS Org. (she passed last month)

  1. Roll call of Officers: Completed by Secretary Jeff Schrock.
  2. Reading of Membership Applications: None
  3. Reading of the minutes: Secretary J Schrock read (emailed) the minutes from the last meeting, and asked if there were any corrections or amendments. Seeing none Media Coordinator L Zeugner made a motion to accept the minutes as read. Jake Helums seconded the motion and the motion passed.
  4. Treasurers Report: E. Dir S Holmes made the Treasurer’s report. Currently, FS has (redacted)  in the bank and (redacted) in pay-pal. H/R Dir J Schrock made a motion to accept the report, subject to audit. Media Coordinator L Zeugner seconded the motion, and the motion passed.
  5. Bills: E. Dir S Holmes reported that there were no bills since our last meeting. H/R Dir J Schrock made a motion to accept the report. Media Coordinator L Zeugner seconded the motion, and the motion passed.

Unfinished Business: E Dir S Holmes brought up the fundraiser/benefit Dinner. 1) Proposed date for 2022, June 4th, at the Goshen VFW again. A lengthy discussion ensued. 2) Ana Shue (from LCI and VFW bartender) thought that she could get us 10-12 LCI people to work in the kitchen, plate food, and bus tables. Thus, taking the BoD out of the picture entirely, freeing them to work the crowd. H/R Dir J Schrock, thought while this was an excellent idea; he thought some of the BoD should work the labor tasks. 3) Media Coord L Zeugner spoke about moving the merch table to the hallway. It would free up space for additional dining table(s) in the hall. It would also free up the entrance/exit for people to more freely come and go from the hall. 4) The quilt should be moved up to the speakers/MC’s area, for a better display. 5) We should also move tables around, to make additional room for more. 6) Media Coord L Zeugner brought up the bicycle program. She had talked to Adam in the past, but since he got hired at the Fire Dept; the finalization of the program has not been determined yet. During the discussion, it was decided not to ask for any bike donations until a space for storage and work could be located. Lauren is going to contact Adam to see where the program is, so she can do her story on it.

New Business: E. Dir S Holmes brought up the Martial Arts program. 1) President K Holmes would like an advertising budget for it. During the discussion, it was suggested that a proposed budget be typed up for Board approval. It will most likely be approved, it was more of how much and how it would be spent. It was also brought up that radio personality Casey Hendrickson, a vet himself, could do some PSA’s for us – since the radio station has to do so many of them anyways. 2) E. Dir S Holmes added that since the President had his shoulder surgery, we (FS) would most likely not be having any additional Martial Art’s classes for the rest of the calendar year. Due to the physical therapy and soforth. We are looking at getting a guest instructor – but this is pending. 3) E. Dir S Holmes brought up additional opportunities for FS to expand it’s reach into the veteran community. Our resume’ program could be expanded to have classes at the Goshen VFW. It was thought that we could do this, via power point, every other month. Wednesday and Thursday were brought up as potential nights. Wednesday is dinner night, but that’s over at 7 PM and we could invite the attendees to come for dinner and stay for the class. The class could start at 7:15 or 7:30, to give everyone time to get there, or for those in the Canteen to clear out (the parking lot). A potential start date would be November 17th or 18th. If President K Holmes is still recovering from the surgery and going through physical therapy, it was thought we might have to duct tape his arm down to his side.

Good of the Order: E. Dir S Holmes 1) reported that the MC (for the fundraising dinner) Scott McMeekan would be at out next meeting. He is the CEO of Farret Industries. 2) Media Coord L Zeugner brought up the bottle cap program. E. Dir S Holmes and H/R Dir J Schrock added that they too, have been collecting them and a “best guess” would be 30-40 lbs for each. Lauren added that she probably has more or less, the same amount in her basement too. During a lengthy discussion, a picnic table was brought up instead of having a bench made for us. It was decided to stay w/the bench. Just as an FYI, it takes 250 lbs for the bench. Lauren is going to check w/the Elkhart Co Fair to make sure they still accept these.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, 25 Sept, 3 PM, at the Goshen VFW. Following meetings would be: 23 Oct, 3 PM, Goshen VFW: 13 Nov, 3 PM, at the VFW: 18 Dec, 5 PM, at Heinies for our annual Christmas Dinner.

E. Dir S Holmes asked if there was any further business. Seeing none, H/R Dir J Schrock made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Media Coordinator L Zeugner seconded the motion. The motion passed.

E. Dir S Holmes gave the closing prayer and the meeting was adjourned.

J Schrock


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