Episode 6: All In The Family

The Common Veterans explore what it is to be a Veteran and use verbiage like “Brother.” Where blood ties are not necessary to be siblings… — Send in a voice […]
September 6, 2023

The Common Veterans explore what it is to be a Veteran and use verbiage like “Brother.” Where blood ties are not necessary to be siblings…

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  • Everyone has a family; not everyone has a brother/sisterhood.
    • No family: the military gives you a new set.
      • Words mean things:
        • Brother/Sister, it’s more than “Hey Buddy.”
          • “Hey Brother” = a bond
            • Civilians should feel privileged.
    • In the military, the sense of brother/sisterhood is brought in from the first training – rather, it is basic training or the delayed entry programs.
      • Active Duty
      • National Guard / Reserves
  • Basic training instills a sense of family in those in the uniform.
    • You go through the “stuff” together.
    • Learn how to be a soldier.
      • Being a brother gives the privilege of trust and integrity.
        • Because you are going through the same rough times, it is a shared experience.
  • Beyond the blood and into camaraderie.
    • Camaraderie definition:
      • mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together.
  • Represent the family in a positive light.
    • Often, there is a positive light being the family.
    • The sarcastic  “Brother” is and can be figured out as the antithesis of being a family member.
      • “Brotha” – precedes a fight.
        • Watch out for the Infantryman that starts out with that
      • Fighting among brothers/sisters often are because of being too close to each other for a long time.

Becoming Thicker Than Blood

  • Family life is sometimes not easy to be family.
  • Blood doesn’t necessarily equate to total trust
  • Combat vs non-combat
    • Many times, the combat soldier/sailor/airmen/marine combat soldier becomes angry at the ones that haven’t served.

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