Happy New Years! 2023

It’s already the middle of the first month of the New Year! Happy New Year, everyone, from us here at FreedomSystem.org! We are already planning extraordinary events for this year! […]
January 14, 2023

It’s already the middle of the first month of the New Year! Happy New Year, everyone, from us here at FreedomSystem.org!

We are already planning extraordinary events for this year! Along with our yearly benefit dinner, our mountain bike rides are scheduled throughout the summer. A road trip ride is also scheduled! Martial Arts scheduling is happening soon. FreedomSystem.org is planning a new type of event called FSO: Meetups. This is where we will meet up at a Veteran Service Areas such as a VFW, DAV, an American Legion, or a park. It is just a time to meet up, have a cookout and have fun maybe meet some fantastic new faces that are like-minded! Let’s meet a new friend or two.

A New Podcast for 2023

The microphone that The Common Veterans, from FreedomSystem.org, will be using!

“The Common Veterans: A Podcast” is kicking off within the first quarter. FSO board members: Kenny Holmes and Jeff Schrock are going to be spearheading the first season of this podcast. Plans include bringing in other local Veterans to explain the challenges they face and how they fixed them, to give all of us Veterans a starting point, or a potential starting point. This podcast will entertaining, to say the least! Plan for some acronyms, Dad jokes, and some good natured ribbing!

The FSO Board 2023

FreedomSytem.org Board Members Walking down a street in the rag tag bunch style. (Missing Jeff.)
Photo taken by Justin & Kelly Photography

The board was elected and voted in at our FSO Meeting in December subsequently they are as follows:

Kenneth Holmes, President
Fred Schlorke, Vice-President
Jeff Schrock, Secretary / HR
Adam O’Toole, Treasurer
Sarah Holmes, Event Director
Lauren Zeugner, Media Director
Jennifer Schlorke, General Board
Mark Kauffman, General Board
Anthony Buoscio, General Board / IT Support
Tobby Crowley, Volunteer
Chad McKeweon, Volunteer
Jan Santos, Volunteer

If you get a chance to say hello to them, do it! They love to connect with people and how they can help the common good!

FSO in 2023

Map with a camouflage pin! FreedomSystem.org meetups!

Since its inception in 2007, FreedomSystem.org, has grown and changed with the times. The same goal has always been put forward: Help Veterans Reintegrate. We are excited to announce that FreedomSystem.org is still here! Growing ever stronger by the people that support us because we support those that need it. FSO will be partnering with other veteran organizations throughout the year and adding them to our calendar for all Veterans to be able to see what is out there for them. Our frontpage always has upcoming events on it so check it out often!

Come back and come often, and if you come at all – your doing better than the rest!

Until next time:


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