Minutes: 11 March 2023

The business meeting was held at the Holmes home, Elkhart Ind. The meeting started at 3 PM and the meeting was opened in due form by President K Holmes. President […]
May 12, 2023

The business meeting was held at the Holmes home, Elkhart Ind. The meeting started at 3 PM and the meeting was opened in due form by President K Holmes. President K Holmes also introduced Brooke, she works at Fresh Thyme and was there w/Dave Mickelson. Everybody welcomed her to the meeting/group.

President K Holmes gave the opening (and closing) prayer.

President K Holmes declared the business session open.

  1. Roll call of Officers: Completed by Secretary Jeff Schrock.
  2. Reading of Membership Applications: No Report(s)
  3. Reading of the minutes: Secretary J Schrock read (emailed) the minutes from the last meeting, and asked if there were any corrections or amendments. E. Dir S Holmes made a motion to accept the minutes as read. V.P. F Schlorke seconded the motion and the motion passed.
  4. Treasurers Report: H/R Dir J Schrock made a motion to suspend the Treasurer’s report, as he was unable to attend today’s meeting. Media Coord L Zeugner seconded the motion, and the motion passed.
  5. Bills: E Dir S Holmes reported on a couple of bills (that needed to be paid). 1) our Board of Directors insurance policy; which had already been paid, we just need to make the motion. 2) the bill for our upcoming Dinner Event, 95.3 needed to be paid. H/R Dir J Schrock made a motion to pay both bills. E Dir S Holmes seconded the motion, and the motion passed. E Dir S Holmes gave H/R Dir J Schrock the 3-ring binder which she had received from the insurance company.
  6. IT: A Buoscio reported we were all out of licenses for our One-Cloud account. If we need to add more people, we’ll have to pay for additional license’s (increments of ten (10)). Secretary J Schrock was asked to add “the Board” to the email listing and roster. This was to streamline emails being sent.

Unfinished Business

  1. President K Holmes brought up the Fundraising Dinner.
  2. Sponsorship and Underwriting Letters: Sarah, Jenn & Lauren. Both were done and submitted to the BoD for approval. Both were approved and can be sent out. Regarding the underwriting letters, each line item was listed on a separate form and assigned an approx. cost. This was also approved by the BoD. Tier levels were also gone over and approved by the BoD. Brooke told the floor that she works at Fresh Thyme. For the upcoming Dinner Event, as well as sponsored Bike Rides where food is served; she could get FS her 15% discount. H/R Dir J Schrock got her phone and email (and gave her his) to coordinate these events.
  3. Appetizers: Fred, Jenn. They had prepared a sample of the appetizer for the Dinner; Korean Chick Peas. The thought is to serve a small bowl of rice w/the Korean Chick Peas with a sprig of onion. This would be w/seasoned scallops & toasted sesame seeds. The BoD tried the marinated Chick Peas w/sprig of onion. It was overwhelmingly approved.
  4. Happy Hour Drinks: Fred. He prepared a “Seabreeze” for the BoD. After tweaking the mixture, it was approved.
  5. Desert: Sarah. Brownies with sauce/syrup is going to be the desert. A plate w/a brownie will be placed on the tables, w/each place setting. On said tables, each will have a Chocolate, Carmel and Strawberry swirl for patrons to pour themselves. During the discussion, it was decided to not have them loaded w/sugar, nuts, etc. This could cause problems with people who have allergies or other heath problems. Sarah’s mom is going to make pans of brownies for the event.
  6. Uniforms: BoD. During the discussion, it was decided that the volunteers would wear FS t-shirts, AF Blue, with “Volunteer” on the back for easy identification. H/R Dir J Schrock was tasked w/getting sizes (and numbers) for them prior to the event. It was also noted, to ask the volunteers to NOT wear faded or torn jeans for the event. The BoD also decided to ask for ten (10) volunteers from LCI. Brooke added that she too would ask for volunteers from her business. She and H/R J Schrock will coordinate this so the numbers are not doubled up. For the BoD, each would wear the FS Black Polo. Regarding the President and V.P., they will wear sports coat, tie and slacks to represent and present our professional image to the people attending the event.
  7. Flyers: Kenny. They are being sent to the printers now. 100 of each, 4×6 and 11×17. The larger flyers (11×17) will list the top three (3) sponsors.
  8. Brochures are still in the works, as we need to finalize sponsorship prior to printing them. The deadline for sponsorship/underwriting (officially) is 7 April.
  9. Sponsorship and underwriting can be received afterwards, however, we cannot guarantee printed recognition. We will publicly recognize them at the event though. Table Sponsorship will be done again. “This table was sponsored by XYZ” will be posted. Those attending from each company are not required to sit there, this is only to recognize the various businesses and individuals sponsoring the tables. *NOTE: President K Holmes informed the BoD that he had an individual that needed to perform Community Service Hours. He asked that this person be allowed to distribute the flyers to various businesses and persons and be given credit. The BoD approved.
  10. Media/Press Release: Laruen. Lauren was asked to accomplish this in the near future – by the next meeting. Lauren agreed and said she could get this back to Kenny so he could approve it and send it out to the various media outlets. Kenny was also asked to contact Sam Brown to do the video presentation for the night of the event.
  11. Swag Bags: Sarah, Katie, Jenn, Lauren & Brooke. They thought that swag bags for sponsor or underwriter tables would be great and a “grab bag” for each individual. Swag bags could contain stadium cups, cozies, shot glasses and other niceties. Grab bags would not have as much in them. Shirts: The idea of selling older model t-shirts or polos was brought up, to lessen inventory levels as it would also help sell the newer t-shirts and polos. That along w/the bike line jerseys. President K Holmes then brought up the “Common Veteran” shirts that had been discussed at an earlier meeting. The QR code would also be given out (printed on a flyer), to advertise listening to the pod casts when uploaded. There are several “in the can”, but none have been finalized or uploaded yet.
  12. Challenge Coin(s): Kenny. During the discussion it was decided to have them stamped. Each would be 1 ½ inch coins w/the FS Logo on one (1) side (black and white); and the tri-angle logo on the other side (in color). E Dir S Holmes found a company that will do increments of 100, for $364. A couple other companies were suggested, but left up to E Dir Holmes to firm up and order. Media Coord L Zeugner made a motion to pay for them, but not exceed $400 for the order. E Dir S Holmes seconded the motion, and the motion passed.
  13. Napkins: E Dir S Holmes reported to the floor that last years event, that the napkins were well worn. While this is included in the price for the food and table wear; she found linen like disposable napkins. Fifty (50) of them cost $20. After a discussion, E Dir S Holmes made a motion to purchase these for the event. Media Coord L Zeugner seconded the motion, and the motion passed.
  14. Table Cloths & Round Tables: Sarah. She confirmed that she had already spoken to the VFW Club Manager and confirmed that we would have the round tables this year. There was a mix-up last year and we couldn’t get them at the last minute.
  15. Selfie Station: Sarah. In trying to find a reasonably priced one, it couldn’t be found. However, a drop backdrop was found. We could have a FS backdrop printed, 7’ x 7’ for $76 (plus shipping). This could be used for years, to include the upcoming bike ride/cook-out this spring. Media Coord L Zeugner made a motion to pay for this, not to exceed $80 – not including shipping. VP F Schlorke seconded the motion, and the motion passed.
  16. Bike: Dave. Due to various costs, no formal estimate could be given at this time. There is a sale coming up, and Dave was asked to look into that. Media Coord L Zeugner made a motion to pay for the bike. E Dir S Holmes seconded the motion, and the motion passed.
  17. Grant(s): Kenny. Kenny reported he was going to apply to the Elkhart County Community Grant Foundation for $20,000; noting that it was for building/buying a building for our organization. In the past, we did receive grants, but only for $500 or $1,000.
  18. Bike Program: Dave. He reported that we have lots of dates for rides and intends to send them out to the public. PSA’s and other media could get us even more riders and sponsorships. Media Coord L Zeugner asked for a photo of bike riders she could publish, preferably with FS logos on the jerseys. It was also thought that “the winner” could receive something for each event. Media Coord L Zeugner suggested something like a free ice cream cone (or other specialty) from the Chief.

New Business

President K Holmes brought up 1) Grants and the need to apply for them, to further our organization. He asked what the BoD thought about hiring a professional grant writer, adding they would be paid by a percentage of the grant(s) we receive. D Mickelson added that his mother was good at this, and would ask her if she would be willing to do it for us. President K Holmes added there is a web site, Grant Station. This lists a hundred-thousand (100,000) grants on-line for 501c3’s. The site costs $199 a year. Paying for the site was tabled until we find a grant writer. 2) President K Holmes announced to the floor that Steve’s Gym was again back open to our Martial Arts Program. The person who caused so many problems, was let go. One of the local fire stations also opened their doors to us.

Good of the Order

  1. President K Holmes brought up the meeting we had with Kevin Deary last week. Kevin had brought up the idea of expanding the BoD. A lengthy discussion ensued, and it was finally decided to leave the BoD as it currently is. When, in the future, we need to expand the leadership of our organization; it will be done at that time.
  2. Our Mission Statement was also brought up by Kevin. President K Holmes reported he had “a lot on his plate” and asked Fred & Jenn to step up and help out by polishing the Mission Statement. Both agreed. 3) President K Holmes brought up the bike ride/cook-out in June (24th). This was left as a pending item, as to who would do what – as it was pretty much set in stone already.

Next Meeting

Saturday, 15 April, 3 PM, at Holmes’s house. Saturday, 13 May, 3 PM, at the Goshen VFW. Saturday, 17 June, 3 PM, at the Short Stop in Wakarusa, for the after-action report.  

President K Holmes asked if there was any further business. Seeing none, H/R Dir J Schrock made a motion to adjourn the meeting and V.P. F Schlorke seconded the motion. The motion passed.

President K Holmes gave the closing prayer and the meeting was adjourned.

J Schrock


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