Minutes: 15 April 2023

The business meeting was held at the Holmes home, Elkhart Ind. The meeting started at 3 PM and the meeting was opened in due form by President K Holmes. President […]
May 12, 2023

The business meeting was held at the Holmes home, Elkhart Ind. The meeting started at 3 PM and the meeting was opened in due form by President K Holmes.

President K Holmes gave the opening (and closing) prayer.

President K Holmes declared the business session open.

  1. Roll call of Officers: Completed by Secretary Jeff Schrock.
  2. Reading of Membership Applications: No Report(s)
  3. Reading of the minutes: Secretary J Schrock read (emailed) the minutes from the last meeting, and asked if there were any corrections or amendments. Media Coordinator L Zeugner made a motion to accept the minutes as read. Treasurer A O’Toole seconded the motion and the motion passed.
  4. Treasurers Report: Treasurer A O’Toole reported that TCU has money, and our Pay Pal account has money. H/R Dir J Schrock made a motion to approve the report subject to audit. Media Coord L Zeugner seconded the motion, and the motion passed.
  5. Bills: Treasurer A O’Toole reported all the bills are currently paid. However, a motion was needed to pay said bills. H/R Dir J Schrock made a motion to the bills. E Dir S Holmes seconded the motion, and the motion passed.
  6. IT: A Buoscio was called, as he was not able to attend today’s meeting due to a prior engagement. E Dir S Holmes reported some problems with the email account(s) and a problem with the web site. Our Stripe account had about $1,000 in it, but they couldn’t transfer it to us; due to the web site problem. It has been fixed (band-aid fix, Kenny spent a day working on it), and FSO did get the money. A Buoscio said he would rectify these problems at his earliest chance.

Unfinished Business

  1. President K Holmes brought up the Fundraising Dinner. Scott had to back out of being the MC, he accidently double-booked the date. He is officiating a wedding the same day. President K Holmes said he had talked to Media Coordinator Lauren Zeugner, asking her to step in. She agreed, but this needed to be brought to the Board for approval. E Dir S Holmes made said motion. J Schlorke seconded the motion, and the motion passed. President K Holmes added that on a good note, Scott’s company would be donating a trailer to FSO (with our logo on it).
  2. President K Holmes continued, adding that we now needed a photographer for the event. M Kauffman said his sister-in-law might do it. He would contact her and ask if she would, and if she would donate her time or what the cost would be. J Schlorke added that her daughter might be willing to do it also. During a lengthy discussion, it was decided to ask both; each has their own style and having double the exposure (of photographers) would only be a good thing.
  3. President K Holmes asked the BoD to push ticket sales. Not very many have been pre-sold as of yet. On-line sales are open!
  4. President K Holmes suggested that H/R Dir J Schrock be boosted to a VIP position for the dinner. He and VP F Schlorke discussed the idea.
  5. President K Holmes reported the Challenge Coins have been ordered, 500 of them. They are due this coming Monday (17 April 2023). During a lengthy discussion it was decided to present the following personnel with a challenge coin (free of charge) for all the work and dedication they put into FSO and our programs. Casey Hendrickson, Scott, Cheryl, the high school girl that is running a fundraising program for veterans to be given service dogs; she has raised enough money for several dogs so far and continues to earn even more. Ana Schue was also mentioned.
  6. E Dir S Holmes reported that Brandy Elliot had to back out of taking tickets at the door. We now need someone to take this position. It was suggested that Brooke be asked to do it. We need someone who is highly trusted to handle the money. J Schlorke suggested her friend Marie as a possible person too.
  7. President K Holmes reported that he had deleted a post from the web site. It was an advertisement for last years bike ride. He thanked whomever had posted it, but also asked that we post only current events. It might be confusing if somebody read it, and missed the 2022 date/year.
  8. H/R Dir J Schrock asked about the drone at the fundraiser, do we still want to do it? It’s on the list of things to do. It was decided that would not be a good idea inside the VFW. The drone should be for outside events only, like the bike ride(s).
  9. T Buoscio (via telecon) had said that he had gotten some constructive criticism regarding last years meal. The pork chop (apparently several people complained to him) had been dried out and leathery by the time it got to them. This will not happen this year, as we’re going steaks and chicken.
  10. E Dir S Holmes asked about items for the swag and grab bags. What should go in them? After a lengthy discussion, the committee (for that line item) decided to hold a side meeting after the FSO meeting. However, E Dir S Holmes asked about the BoD approving fund to buy Frisbee’s w/FSO stickers on them. It was thought that $200 would be enough to buy them. S Holmes made said motion. M Kauffman seconded the motion, and the motion was approved.
  11. E Dir S Holmes brought up the quilt that she made for the event. She had been asked if there was a possibility of a second one being done. The answer was yes. During a lengthy discussion, it was decided that a second quilt would be done once a $1,500 threshold was reached. That one would have the bike logo on it. The first would go to the silent auction and have a $500 reserve on it.
  12. President K Holmes reminded the Board, to please re-post the fundraising event to their personal FB pages every week. We only have a month to go! Also, please don’t “boost” the event, as it’ll cost you money to do.
  13. The Action Item list was gone through, line item by line item. Each Board member went over their responsibilities.

New Business

J Schlorke brought up:

  1. FSO making a calendar for next year (maybe to include the rest of this year). Scenes (photos) of FSO personnel and/or events. Something like the bike rides, etc. President K Holmes added that this had been discussed as a sidebar. Adding activities such as re-enactments for the photos. Everybody thought it was a great idea, but should be tabled until after the fundraising dinner.
  2. M Kauffman suggested doing a video focused on a local veteran. Each would be recorded and put on the web site or on our pod cast each month. We could start with our Board, and then move on to local veterans to spotlight them in our community. We could also partner with Hometown Hero’s, who Impress Jewelers sponsors.
  3. M Kauffman had reported he was going to purchase a couple’s tickets to the event. The husband is a Viet Nam vet, and a personal friend. E Dir S Holmes made a motion to give those tickets to that couple. M Kauffman seconded the motion, and the motion passed.

Good of the Order

President K Holmes brought up having FSO buy a projector. This would be to hook-up to a computer to show our video(s) at events. A screen was already donated. During a lengthy discussion, it was decided to hold off on this for the moment.

Next Meeting

Saturday, 13 May, 3 PM, at the Goshen VFW. Saturday, 17 June, 3 PM, at the Short Stop in Wakarusa, for the after-action report.  

President K Holmes asked if there was any further business. Seeing none, H/R Dir J Schrock made a motion to adjourn the meeting and M Kauffman seconded the motion. The motion passed.

President K Holmes gave the closing prayer and the meeting was adjourned.

J Schrock


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