Minutes: Saturday, May 13th, 2023

The business meeting was held at Martin’s by the Concord Mall, Elkhart Ind. The meeting started at 3 PM and the meeting was opened in due form by President K […]
May 28, 2023

The business meeting was held at Martin’s by the Concord Mall, Elkhart Ind. The meeting started at 3 PM and the meeting was opened in due form by President K Holmes.

President K Holmes gave the opening (and closing) prayer.

President K Holmes declared the business session open.

  1. Roll call of Officers: Completed by Secretary Jeff Schrock.
  2. Reading of Membership Applications: No Report(s)
  3. Reading of the minutes: Secretary J Schrock read (emailed) the minutes from the last meeting, and asked if there were any corrections or amendments. Media Coordinator L Zeugner made a motion to accept the minutes as read. Treasurer A O’Toole seconded the motion and the motion passed.
  4. Treasurers Report: E Dir S Holmes made a motion to suspend the reading of the Treasurer’s report. H/R Dir J Schrock seconded the motion, and the motion passed.  
  5. Bills: Treasurer A O’Toole reported all the bills are currently paid. However, a motion was needed to pay said bills. H/R Dir J Schrock made a motion to pay the bills. E Dir S Holmes seconded the motion, and the motion passed.
  6. IT: No Report(s)

Unfinished Business: 1) President K Holmes brought up the Fundraising Dinner. He asked E Dir S Holmes to go over the Action Items List. To ask if everything has been done, that can be done now. 2) President K Holmes continued and added that Casey Hendricks “guy” Russell, wanted to give Jim Metherd from Get Wet for a Vet, a plaque. It was thought the best time to present it would be after dinner, before any event(s) start. 3) E Dir S Holmes brought up that we couldn’t meet at the Goshen VFW today like we had planned. The building was rented out and the doors were locked to all non-invited paying guests. One (1) of the things we wanted to do was to look over the banquet hall. Measurements, where to place tables, etc. It was decided to meet this coming Tuesday, at 6 PM and go over the hall then. A couple of things to check, how many round tables, ensure we will have them, ensure power-point unit works. 4) E Dir S Holmes went over “uniforms” for the Board and volunteers. Volunteers will have a black FSO t-shirt and jeans. Board members will have their black FSO polo and khaki slacks (or skirts if the ladies prefer). 5) E Dir S Holmes continued asking that all Board members be there this Saturday, at 0900 to set up. The more we do then, the less last-minute things will pop up. 6) J Schlorke asked how many service cups (for salad dressing, and brownie toppings) to have. The figure was settled at 50-75. 7) E Dir S Holmes continued to say that we currently have ninety-two (92) paid dinners/attendees. This figure does NOT include the Board, Volunteers, etc. 8) VP F Schlorke spoke about the “happy hour” drink, how many glasses to have, and dispensing container. E Dir S Holmes added she too had a crystal dispenser she would bring to help out. E Dir S Holmes brought out the purchased plastic FSO glasses to use. Everybody loved them. VP F Schlorke also spoke briefly about coffee. 9) H/R Dir J Schrock spoke about the food, how everything was in order and would be ready for Saturday. One hundred and twenty (120) dinners will be prepped/served. 10) E Dir S Holmes talked about SWAG bags. She had gotten a lot of them from 95.3 and also some stuffers to go into them. The BoD spent some time putting them together. 11) E Dir S Holmes brought up the shot and on-the-rocks glasses. How much to charge for each, and sell as a set or individually. During the lengthy discussion, it was decided to sell the shot glasses for $5 each/$25 for a set of all six (6). The on-the-rocks glasses for $7 each/$42 for a set of all six (6). Challenge coins, $15 each. 12) E Dir S Holmes asked about the wireless mic, can it be carried all over the hall? Yes, it will actually broadcast from the canteen as well if needed. 13) E Dir S Holmes then showed the floor the new FSO women’s tank. Everyone thought they looked great.

New Business: J Schlorke brought up 1) a possible fundraising item for next year. She didn’t think we could make it happen within a week. The idea is to 3-D print a mold for ice balls, used for chilling whiskey (or another adult beverage). The mold would have enlarged FSO logo on it. Everybody thought this was a fantastic idea.  

Good of the Order: No Report(s)

Next Meeting: Saturday, 17 June, 3 PM, at the Short Stop in Wakarusa, for the after-action report.  

President K Holmes asked if there was any further business. Seeing none, H/R Dir J Schrock made a motion to adjourn the meeting and M Kauffman seconded the motion. The motion passed.

President K Holmes gave the closing prayer and the meeting was adjourned.

J Schrock


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