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What a great event that we had just a few short weeks ago! The community is strong and really seeing the awesome ability our events foster for Veterans. Furthermore, we […]
June 10, 2023

What a great event that we had just a few short weeks ago! The community is strong and really seeing the awesome ability our events foster for Veterans. Furthermore, we did great, and we thank all of you that shared it with us! We look forward to being able to host you all again and have great plans for the future. Additionally as President, I am taking a moment and say a few short thank you’s.


First and foremost, I have to acknowledge all of our board members for without whom none of this would be possible: Vice President Fred Schlorke, Secretary Jeff Schrock, Treasurer Adam O’Toole, Event Director Sarah Holmes, Media Director Lauren Zeugner (also the evening’s emcee), I.T. Director Anthony Buoscio, Board Members Jen Schlorke, Mark Kauffman, and Dave Mickelson! Thank you for all of you do and supporting the mission.

Speakers and Entertainment

Next we have Casey Hendrickson, our esteemed Veteran Radio Host, and speaker! Thank you for the inspirational message that you shared. The message was on-point and again brought tears to my eyes. This is the one event where my emotions often take over and am ever greatful for your speeches and your friendship. I look forward to future collaborations and more patio conversations!

Pastor Mason Vieth, your friendship and your continued theological and faith driven teaching is nothing short of amazing! Thank you for starting our evening off right with the prayer so that we honor God in everything we do!

To Sam Brown and his musical prowess, dude you rocked the night! I know that your throat was sore and you still sounded like a million bucks! Not to mention your musical skills, the ability to read a room and get everyone dancing is second to none! Thank you!


Thank you from all of us!

To our volunteers our evening would not have happened seamlessly! Brooke Pozsgai and the Fresh Thyme crew, Anna Schue and the Lippert crew, you all were amazing and were awesome! I had tons of compliments from everyone that evening that you all were very attentive and helpful to all of our guests! Totally awesome and could not be more thankful for all that you have done!

Thank you to our photographer for the evening Mary Wood! She took some wonderful photos and there will be a gallery added here and on Facebook for everyone to see! The photos are fantastic, she also filmed Casey’s speech and we will add that to our YouTube page as well!

Thank you to Chef Tony Alberry for his delicious cooking skills that we all enjoyed! The food was cooked to perfection and was immensly enjoyed by all!


2023 Supper Table. Thank you all for sharing the evening with us!

To all of our sponsors: Ferret Roll Forming, Sheryl Noblitt and Health Markets Insurance, ModWay Homes, Lippert Components, Get Wet for a Vet, Shell Shock CBD, 95.3 MNC, Grumpy Grandpas Shirt Printing Solutions, Golden Bear Bikes, Surber Brothers Metal Works, Baker Township Quilt Shop, Sarah Marie Sewing, Fresh Thyme, George’s Gyros, Ivy and Oak, Goshen Health, and Adams & Westlake, Ltd. Thank you for all of your contributions – that helped get our evening off without a hitch! Consequently, without your monetary contributions there is no way we could have thrown as successful of an event without all of your support for our mission. Thank you!


And finally, thank you to all of you for coming, for experiencing the evening with us, enjoying a wonderful supper, and helping us with your donations and taking part in the auctions. We will release final numbers and update this post once we have an exact final tally, but the numbers are looking fantastic currently!

I would be completely remissed if I didn’t put out a special thank you to Mr. Jeff Tapp for getting us all set up this year with our Microsoft accounts and making that process happen. Without our emails a lot of this wouldn’t be capable of doing!

Casey Hendrickson, 2023 Speaker for "Remember"

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