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Thank you everyone for coming or supporting us at our yearly event! We did great! I am not one hundred percent on what we raised, but we will have those […]
June 16, 2022

Thank you everyone for coming or supporting us at our yearly event! We did great! I am not one hundred percent on what we raised, but we will have those numbers this weekend and I will update this post! I just wanted to send a thank you to all of you!

Thank you to our emcee: Scott McMeekan – his second year of emceeing the event and it was awesome! We love Scott and his overwhelming kindness to serve the Veteran community as a liaison and friend to FSO! I am looking forward to his skills at the next event as well.

Thank you to our speaker: Casey Hendrickson – a friend of mine (Kenny) since 2009 or 2010, through our realtor Lisa! Casey your speech knocked it out of the park. I had to fight the tears back as well as so many others in the audience! You did a great job of keeping the politics out of it and giving us good insight into the mind of Veterans. People that didn’t understand have a better understanding of what we ad Veterans deal with daily.

Thank you to the Lippert Volunteers that spent the evening volunteering and helping us with setup and cleanup and serving the awesome meal that was cooked for us!

Thank you to Chef Tony Alberry and his amazing culinary skills and the ability to make a dinner taste great and go a long way!

Thank you to all of our sponsors that we had this year: Ferret Roll Forming, 95.3 MNC, Community Foundation of Elkhart County, Lippert Componets, VFW Post 985, Goshen Health, Get Wet For A Vet, George’s Gyros, Golden Egg, Shell Shock CBD, Grumpy Grandpas LLC, Sarah Marie Sewing, Baker Township Quilt Shop, Surber Bros. Metal Works, ModWay Homes, Printers Plus, and a special thank you to Sheryl Noblitt for her inspired help with all of this!

Thank you to our musical talents this year: Mr. Sam Brown and Just Cause.

Last but not least thank you to all of you who came and had this event with us! We are always loving meeting you all and looking forward to helping more Veterans through all that you all do for us to be able to help us help them!

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