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Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked.” Psalm 84:2; ESV   As of January 24, 2014, it will have been ten years since […]
January 24, 2014

Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked.” Psalm 84:2; ESV


As of January 24, 2014, it will have been ten years since the death of Rebecca and Stephanie McCray; the conjoined twins born to my daughter April. They lived four days; longer than doctors expected (they stated they would either die in the womb or live outside of the womb for only moments). The doctors stated when April was two months pregnant to have an abortion. They pleaded with her and tried to convince her that “It’s the right choice for her and the girls…”. April chose to carry them full term and to let God decide when they would live and die.

In those four days, Rebecca and Stephanie blessed this family and all who followed their story. In those four days, a lifetime of miracles and memories occurred. And their death is buried beneath a world of joyful memories and blessings we have received from them and God. All this took place because someone chose life.

Did you know that January is Right to Life month? Many equate this to just abortion; which they may be right in thinking because it was originally started to counteract the Roe v Wade decision. However, if we view this for what it states, it means just that: RIGHT TO LIFE! This would include capital punishment.

The stance for this is mixed; even among the Christian believers. For some, they believe that all life is sacred and that death should not be considered. For others, they would argue that God created capital punishment (which He did) and argue that there are times where death is warranted. For the longest time, I believed the latter and fought for it. And even though I understand that God did create capital punishment and that there may be “just cause” for the death penalty, I prefer to choose life. (Before you get the wrong impression, I am NOT saying that my judgment is greater than God’s; I’m just stating that there have been many innocent people put to death by man’s hands that should have never been put to death.)

For the record, let me state what I personally believe. I believe all life is sacred; meaning that speaking about mankind. I believe the “fetus” is really a baby and that its life begins at conception (Why do we call it a baby when we want it and a fetus when we don’t?). I believe each life has the same value as the next person’s: President Obama’s life is equal to the homeless person; Billy Graham’s life is equal to the prisoner incarceration. Regardless of birth defect, mental capacity, and so on; each life has value and we, as man, should treat life as the same. However, we take life over material possessions, drugs, hatred, and for some (sadly to say) because they simply want to (as evident in the alarming increase of shootings in the country).

For the record, I may understand reasons for having capital punishment, but it still saddens my heart that it ever has to reach that point to take a life. And what saddens it worse is the fact of taking a life because keeping that life would “inconvience” our life (this is not just about abortion, but also for our elderly who develop various diseases and mental deficiencies.)

I know there are many who will write me and argue their point of view of for/against what they believe. And what you believe is just that: what YOU believe. I write this because I realize the joy I would have missed if Rebecca and Stephanie were never born. I write this because I know what my daughter would have gone through if she didn’t have the belief that life is a gift of God and had aborted the girls: the depression, the guilt, the wondering about how the girls might have been if she only allowed God to make the call instead of the doctors. And there are other examples which can be used for life choices. I write this because there is little counseling or misleading counseling for those who decide abortion BEFORE they go through with it. I write this because we are involved in too many wars that serve no purpose and the lives which are sacrificed in the name of greed, power and position. (I believe in supporting our country and military in every way possible; however, the putting our troops in harm’s way over conflicts which don’t involve U.S. is wrong!). I write this to ask you, “What does Right to Life mean to you? How are you living this belief out?” Does it really matter to you?

Father God,

     Help us to see the real value of life; for those who are in the womb and those outside the womb. Regardless of age, gender, disabilities and so on; let us see that ALL life matters to You. Help us to cherish life, support life and value all mankind. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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