Happy Independence Day – 2024

Commemorate the courage of those who signed the Declaration of Independence and the oath we take to protect our nation. Explore the enduring spirit of unity, duty, and sacrifice.
July 4, 2024

Be Something

Remember when the line was signed about 10,000 times on 60 sheets of paper? The reason that it was signed was because they knew what we were doing was, and could be, perilous. It was an oath that we took to protect people from all enemies foreign and domestic.

Each signature represented a commitment, a solemn promise etched in ink but forged in the spirit of dedication and sacrifice. It was more than just a formality; it was a declaration of intent and a binding contract with our fellow citizens. The gravity of that moment may have been lost on some of us while others not-so-much. As we stood in that room, the weight of history pressed upon our shoulders, and the precipice of what was to come . We knew the risks, the challenges, and the potential costs. Yet, we also understood the necessity of our mission.

The Mission

Those enlistment packages became symbols of our unity and resolve. Each one of us, with our own backgrounds, experiences, and reasons for being there, found common ground in that oath. It was a shared understanding that our actions could save lives, uphold justice, and preserve the values we hold dear.

This brings to mind the courage and resolve of those who signed the Declaration of Independence. On July 4, 1776, 56 men put their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor on the line to declare a new nation free from British rule. Independence Day marks the anniversary of their bold act, a moment that would change the course of history. These men, like us, understood the perilous nature of their decision. Signing that document was an act of treason against the crown, punishable by death. Yet, they believed in the fundamental right to freedom and self-determination.

The Reason

The world outside those signatures is often chaotic and unpredictable. Threats come in many forms, sometimes clear and present, other times hidden and insidious. Our duty is to remain vigilant, to adapt, and to confront these dangers head-on. We train rigorously, plan meticulously, and prepare for every conceivable scenario. But beyond the tactics and strategies, it’s the bond of trust and the integrity of our commitment that fortifies us.

Every day we wake up, we carry that oath with us. It’s in our decisions, our actions, and our interactions with others. It drives us to push beyond our limits, to endure hardships, and to stay true to our purpose. We signed those papers not for recognition or glory, but because we believe in something greater than ourselves. It’s a belief that, despite the peril, we can make a difference, protect our communities, and uphold the values of our nation.

Moving Forward

As we reflect on the significance of those signatures, both ours and those of the founding fathers, let them be a constant reminder of our duty and the trust placed in us. In a world fraught with uncertainty, our resolve remains steadfast, our commitment unwavering. Together, we stand as guardians, bound by our oath, ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead. The spirit of Independence Day lives on in our hearts, fueling our determination to protect and serve with honor and courage.

Happy Independence Day

Whatever or wherever your path leads you today remember to always have pride in the service you gave to this country. Remember we stay free because of people like us that signed the dotted line and so do your thing!

If you cannot do fireworks because it takes you to a spot you don’t want to be at – that’s cool, find a movie and watch it in a basement somewhere and enjoy the day! If you love the fireworks go out and go nuts! Blow some shit up! Have fun! Either way: Happy Fourth of July!

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  1. GOOSE


    Another day in history , TODAY….we are reminded what freedom is only because of the brave….not many Americans understand what brave is…when you see a veteran…look deep in their eyes…take a minute…you will see it…you will feel it….

    Happy independence day….freedom was won…keeping it became our mission day 2.



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