The People in the Military are Heroes

“You don’t protect my freedom: Our childish insistence on calling soldiers heroes deadens real democracy”, by David Masciotra, published on has pretty much single titledly pissed off almost every […]
November 9, 2014

“You don’t protect my freedom: Our childish insistence on calling soldiers heroes deadens real democracy”, by David Masciotra, published on has pretty much single titledly pissed off almost every veteran that reads it.

I know the first thing I thought when I read the title was, “Who the hell does this guy think he is?”  And then I read the article.  To say that I disagree with this article would be unbecoming of me; this article was complete and utter bull crap!  Now where Mr. Masciotra made some valid points about calling every veteran a hero, there were some very serious misgivings to his line of thinking.  Mr. Masciotra starts by pointing out police brutality in the Michael Brown’s case; whereas, last I checked the military was not involved in the police.  Then he continues on to talk about sexual assault in the military, making no case about sexual assault everywhere else in the world, or even America for that matter.  Then he goes on to talk about Private Bradley Manning (for those that don’t remember Manning posted over 700,000 documents on WikiLeaks [hardly whistleblowing, rather treasonous] and then got a sex change on the American taxpayers dime) releasing information about military killing innocent civilians.  However, Mr. Masciortra does not look into this further to know that these people that commit heinous acts of military abuse go to military prison, a much worse prison than any American penal system.  Moving further down the page he talks about Afghanistan.

“No American freedom is currently at stake in Afghanistan. It is impossible to imagine an argument to the contrary, just as the war in Iraq was clearly fought for the interests of empire, the profits of defense contractors, and the edification of neoconservative theorists. It had nothing to do with the safety or freedom of the American people. The last time the U.S. military deployed to fight for the protection of American life was in World War II – an inconvenient fact that reduces clichés about “thanking a soldier” for free speech to rubble. If a soldier deserves gratitude, so does the litigator who argued key First Amendment cases in court, the legislators who voted for the protection of free speech, and thousands of external agitators who rallied for more speech rights, less censorship and broader access to media.”

Has he forgotten that the reason that we are in Afghanistan is that they blew up three of our buildings, killed thousands of our citizens, and stated that they would do it again.  We take the fight to the enemy so that we are not fighting on our own turf, which will happen soon enough as it is. Only a matter of time.  The American soldier is the heart of the United States.  The soldier, sailor, airmen, and marine do not join the military without the condition of knowing that they are in a hazardous job, that they could go to combat, and that they could possibly die.  Most do this without flinching or even raising an eyebrow.   What this does though is increase the amount of time people in the military spend learning how to kill, so that they are not themselves killed.  Every person goes through basic infantry skills in the military, and learns how to kill in case they are ever called to do it.  This on its own will heighten the way things are done in the rest of their lives, changes how the person sees the world, not always for the better; furthermore, increasing bad statistics in the military such as sexual trauma and rape.

In this military hating document, Mr. Masciorti states that the people in the military are not heroes for joining the military again and again and again.   It comes to the point where it makes me, a military man myself (and no I do not consider myself a hero, but I fought in a War for this country), almost sick to my stomach to see how a bitch like this can call out and say that these people are not heroes.

Remember Mr. Masciorti that there are bad apples in every bunch, but to call the people that joined to protect your freedoms by joining the military – YES, JUST BY JOINING is protecting YOUR freedoms.

Mr. Masciorti let me enlighten you to how the people in the United States Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines are protecting your freedoms that you obviously do not, nor worthy of.  Every day a war could break out in the United States.  These people train to fight in terrains that are similar to every terrain in the world.  They are ready to take up and fight.  Are you?  Looking at your picture on your personal website I can see that you are in no condition to fight, let alone fight for someone else.  Do you even know how to hold a rifle?  Do you know how to take a punch?  Do you know how to throw a punch?  Are you even able to defend yourself, without a pen and a paper?  Because I am sure you can make yourself sound good on paper, but I don’t think that you have the intestinal fortitude that the newest E-1 has.  You mentioned that a social worker that was working in the hood was a hero; sorry, they are not heroes.  They are role models.  People in the military are heroes, not always role-models, and not always do they do the right thing, but those that don’t receive what they asked for in the end.

Proof:  Do a Google search:

Hero: a person, typically a man, who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. “a war hero”

synonyms: brave person, brave man/woman, man/woman of courage, man/woman of the hour, lionheart, warrior, knight; More

So by definition from Google, yes, the military members are heroes.

Thank you sir for pissing every military person’s Cheerios.


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